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DIY: VW Golf Mk5 Dual Reverse Light


For some unknown reason european car manufacturers produced small hatches with a single reverse light. The VW Golf MK5 styling is excellent however it leaves a lot to be desired when trying to park at night time. This DIY will show you how to retrofit the rear fog light to become a secondary reverse light, add our high output Remnant Reverse LEDs in and you will literally make night, day.

Tools and materials required

  • 120cm of well insulated electrical wire. (Look for 16gauge wire or wire labelled “automotive”) -Length may vary, we use 200cm initially and cut the excess later.)
  • Electrical tape
  • Wire stripper/knife
  • Soldering iron (highly recommend, can be done without)
  • Silicon, hot glue or quick dry super glue
  • Phillips head and flathead screw driver
  • 10mm socket
  • Pliers/Dremel
  • cable/zip ties
  • https://supernovaleds.com.au/product/vw-golf-mk5-reverse-led/ (For best results our custom designed Remnant Reverse is 3X brighter per halogen bulb.)

Step 1

Open trunk and remove inner trunk lining plastic. Remove screws are located on the inner side of the trunk, then pry the panel off.

Step 2

Remove the right inner tail light (for RHD cars, left for LHD) and remove the three phillips head screws to separate the tail light housing ( do not touch chrome section). The tail has two 10mm hex nuts. Unplug the wiring loom to the fog light.

Step 3

Remove the RED/White plastic fog filter with a flat head, work your way around the edges prying it out, its ok if the red section becomes damaged.

Step 4

Separate the clear/white plastic from the red fog filter. I used a Dremel to speed this up, cutting the red filter away, ensure the clear section is not damaged or marked as you will be fitting this back into the tail light.

Step 5

Insert the clear plastic to the tail light, apply a thin bead of glue around the edge, ensure the glue is not visible from the outside of the tail light.

Step 6

Cut back the fabric insulation on the fog light wiring loom, remove the insulation on the white wire, splice in your 120cm wire, solder, heat shrink or insulate with electrical tape.

Step 7

Run the 120 cm wire from the right side of the trunk to the left, follow the other wires, cable tie in place every 15cm.

Step 8

Using the 120cm wire, splice into the White wire on the reverse wiring loom, similar to step 6. The 120cm wire will now connect the white wire on the reverse light wiring loom to the white wire on the fog light wiring loom. When the car is in reverse and the reverse light is on, the fog light will now receive power too and illuminate. Please note, both lights will turn on when activating the rear fog light.

Step 9

Replace halogen candle bulbs with high output LEDs for best results.

Step 10

Clip the rear trunk plastic trim panel back on, align the metal clips before pushing them into place paying attention to not bend them. If one or two clips were damaged along the way and you are working on your own car, it will be ok, any more than 2 and it may rattle, replace these metal clips.

Extra points

We recommend fusing the bridging wire incase it is a damaged at any point and can cause an electrical short. A 5 amp fuse will be sufficient.

There are many ways to perform a dual reverse modification on MK5 golf. We find this the easiest for those without VCDS or not wanting to remove interior roof lining to access the reverse and fog active wires.

Disclaimer: This how to is a rough guide, we do not accept any responsibility for electrical or mechanical damage. If in doubt, pay a professional.