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Guide: Supernova Rogue 8.5


Rogue 8.5 Setup Guide

Included Components Per Light


Component Setup

Fit nuts without nylon insert into nut holder. Fit spring clip and washer to bolt.  

Bolt Holder Assembly

Slide the bolt holder containing the non nylon lock nuts into the light housing. The two bolt holders are unique with a left and right side orientation noted by curvature matching the light housing. Ensure the nuts are positioned inward of the light

supernova ultra bracket how to install
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Bolt In

Place spacer between bracket and driving light, install bolts with included security Torx tool. Bolt driving lights to your vehicle with the three remaining large bolts and nylon lock nuts.

Direct Wiring Integration

The included dual fast fit harness makes for an easy four step setup with no soldering or wiring necessary for H4 and Hb3 headlight socket vehicles.

  • Route in cabin switch to drivers position
  • Route and connect Deutsch connectors to driving lights
  • Connect high beam adaptor to headlight socket
  • Connect battery terminals


Alternative High Beam Wiring

The high beam socket adaptor can be substituted in situations where access is limited to headlight globes. The fast fit harness require a positive 12V+ connection for signal relay switching and a ground connection. Remove the white high beam socket feed from harness and insulation to expose wires. Connect the red wire to a 12V+ positive signal (typically high beam active wire), and the black wire to ground.