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VW Golf MK5/6 Full Interior LED Kit – 11pcs

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Complete Interior LED Kit

Yellow halogen interior lights are  being superseded in new European cars with white LED lights.  Update your vehicle’s interior ambience with this full plug n play LED interior kit. With High output LEDs where it matters (Glovebox, Footwell and trunk lights) and choose Remnant series overhead LEDs for best visibility or a subtle dim variant.  Since these LEDs have a fantastic colour rendering index, greater detail can be seen with less eye fatigue, the dim variant still provides much better visibility than yellow halogen  lights.



6000K Premium Interior LED Kit Golf5/6

Lifetime Warranty

golf interior led kit

High Colour Rendering Index

All LED chips are initially Blue, white light is achieved with a thin layer of Phosphor coating applied which produces a yellow output. Cheap run of the mill LEDs use a lower quality and quantity of phosphor  resulting in a  bluer hue of light output, producing a clinical blue tinge output with poor colour rendering, essentially worse than standard halogen globes. Supernova utilises high quality Taiwan imported 5730, 4014, 5720 chips opposed to standard Chinese 5050 to provide a true pure white output which reduces eye fatigue.

Your choice of Red, Blue or white Footwell LEDs

Personalise your car further with Remnant High output colour footwell LEDs. This option is for the Two Footwell LED colours only, all nine other LEDs will be White.

All Interior Lights Accounted For

With years of development, confidently install the highest quality LEDs tailored specifically for Golf 5/6 interior light housings. Other interior LED kits focus on globe size and quantity… We found that whilst the vanity mirror lights share the same festoon style globe socket as the boot light, the LEDs required must be unique for best results. A super bright boot light is appropriate, a super bright vanity mirror light is not.

VW Specific Footwell LEDs

Whilst all other interior lights are 6000k Hyper-white, the footwell lights are provided in your choice of red, white or blue. A new full housing variant with inbuilt LEDs, specifically designed for VW cars, made plug n play for ease of install.


Please note: Upon car start up, the footwell LEDs illumination is so greatly efficient that they will pulse/flash momentarily during canbus bulb checking. This is normal behaviour and does not harm the vehicle or LED.



Colour Temperature6000k
Input Power12V DC

What's Included

Front Overhead Dome LEDs2Hyper-white
Vanity Mirror/Sunvisor LEDs2Hyper-white
Rear Overhead Dome LEDs3Hyper-white
Footwell LEDs2Hyper-white, Red or Blue
Glovebox LED1Hyper-white
Boot LED1Hyper-white
Torx T20 tool1
Trim removal tool1
Interior kit install guide