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VW Golf MK7.0 Sequential Projector Headlight – 7.5 Style – Tri LED

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Defined, Facelift Look. Made Plug N Play.

Transform the front end of your VW Golf Mk7.0 with these modern sequential projector headlights. Install is made easy without any re wiring, wiring adaptors or coding needed. Bright LED Daytime Running Lights double as sequential indicators/turn signal lights with a switch back mode which switches off the DRL whilst the indicator is activated and switches it back on after indicating has finalised.


Tailored LED High-Beam Inbuilt

6000K Hyper White

Specifically moulded, shaped and designed for this headlight, the high beam projector features board mounted SMD LEDs providing a dialled in output. Technology that LED conversion kits try to emulate in traditional reflector headlights.

Unrivalled Quality.

Retain OEM functionality

  • Utilising the OEM wiring socket with the same pin configuration as halogen headlights, install is a direct plug in. Electronic headlight levelling functionality retained, controlled via the original interior switch.

Increase light clarity

  • High transparency bi-projector with shutter for low and high beam, paired with a secondary high beam 6000K LED projector. A vast upgrade from the standard halogen reflector headlights.

Provide a modern face lift aesthetic inline with original design

  • Encapsulating the latest design look into the physical MK7.0 sizing requires a design process from the ground up. Each component is fashioned from OEM styling and passes on the typical aftermarket look.


Our headlights are specific built to integrate seamlessly with halogen headlight fitted cars, utilising the same wiring socket pin layout no further coding or wiring is necessary. Please note: This product is not compatible with factory fitted xenon headlight cars. Fits: All Golf MK7 with factory fitted halogen/reflector headlights, TSI/TDI/GTI. 10 Pin Sockets. Does Not Fit: Golf Mk7 R, or models with factory fitted/optioned projector headlights. 14 Pin Sockets.

Leading Light Output, Pre Installed.

We see headlight upgrades as more than just an aesthetic upgrade, but importantly an opportunity to fix the poor light output of stock, halogen headlights. This time round, light performance has been first and foremost, from redesigning the internal headlight layout with smaller PCBs which better accomodate our high performance V4.0 LED kit to matching the projector optics to one that yields better results with LED rather than HID.

  • 100% self contained – No external ballasts, drivers or ignitors to jerry rig into low clearance engine bay spacing.
  • Tri LED Light Output.
  • 6000K Hyperwhite, leading colour rendering index.
  • Seamless integration with in cabin headlight levelling adjustment dial.


Please note: DRL brightness is controlled by BCM factory settings. Some Mk7 models dim DRL brightness when low beam light is on at night. DRL brightness can be increased at night time and requires VCDS coding. Does not fit MK7.5 Golf models- If you are unsure on your vehicle model please contact us before purchase.


Shroud Colour Satin Black
High Beam Inbuilt 6000K LED
Projector Socket D2S/H7 - Ships with Supernova V4.0 LED
Lens PMMA Polycarbonate - Clear
Warranty 12 Months
Fits MK7.0 GTI/TSI/TDI with Halogen Headlights. (3 door and 5 door hatch)
Does Not Fit Any Mk7.5 models, MK7.0 Golf R, Golf GTI Performance Pack, Golf with factory Xenon Headlight. Does not fit MK7 wagon.

What's Included

  • VW Golf MK7.0 Sequential Projector Headlight – 7.5 Style – Headlights – Pair (Driver and Passenger Side)
  • Supernova V4.0 LED Kit (Pair, pre installed and calibrated)


Does not fit Golf R, GTI performance pack or MK7 Golf models with xenon/lighting package headlights from factory.
Fits Mk7.0 TSI/TDI/GTI with stock headlights. Unsure? Get in touch with a photo of your car today.