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How to: VW Golf Mk5/6 Interior LED Kit – Install


How to install Supernova  Golf Mk5/6 11pcs full LED interior kit 

Tools needed

LED configuration

  • 3x Remnant Heatsink  Wedge LED (Two Footwell, One Glovebox)
  • 2x Vanity mirror festoon led (Nickel emersion gold plated)
  • 5x overhead black wedge leds
  • 1x Trunk Festoon – black

Ensure all lights are switched off when changing bulbs. If LED does not illuminate, twist 180 degrees to swap polarity and reinstall.

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Footwell and glovebox light

Remove housing by prying edge of housing downwards. Disconnect Factory footwell light from wiring terminal (black socket that connects to footwell housing).

Plug new Supernova footwell housing in, Clip footwell housing back into trim.

  • Repeat this process for the Glovebox light housing

Trunk Light

Remove housing by prying edges and pushing downwards, disconnect housing, remove halogen globe, install LED

Vanity Mirror/Sun visor Lights

Remove housing by prying edges downwards (Best to pry from right side for Passenger side/left side of car, and pry out from left side for drivers position/right side of car, for RHD cars), disconnect housing, remove halogen bulb, install 14k Gold plated festoon LED.

Rear overhead dome lights

Remove housing by prying around edges and pulling downwards. Ensure all lights are switched off, remove 3x halogen wedge globes, install LED, test led. Reinstall cover.

Front map/dome lights

Remove black plastic cover that hides 2pcs Torx T20 Screws (may appear slightly different on Golf MK5 and Mk6)  

Front map/dome lights

Remove two pcs Torx T20 screws

Front map/dome lights

The whole overhead housing will now drop directly downwards. Ensure all lights are turned off, the two black sockets for map light twist 45 degrees and are then removed. Install the LED, re insert socket and twist into place. Test LED.  Notice socket contacts are delicate and must line up flush.