Fast Fit Dual Wiring Kit $59.95

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Fast Fit Dual Wiring Kit
Fast Fit Dual Wiring Kit
Fast Fit Dual Wiring Kit
Fast Fit Dual Wiring Kit

Fast Fit Dual Wiring Kit

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  • Step 1: Connect Battery Terminals

    Connect to your vehicles battery terminals, remove the fuse for now during installation so the circuit is not live. 

  • Step 2: High Beam Trigger

    High beam adapters integrate with your headlght circuit to send a trigger signal to the Fast Fit harness relay. Auxillary lights turn on when high beam is on and will not turn on when isolator switch is switched off. 
    Range of additional vehicle specific adaptors available. 


  • Step 3: Route In Cabin Isolator Switch

    Route through the firewall and mount within reach of the drivers position. When isolator switch is on the lights can turn on with high beam, when switch is off the lights will not turn on.


  • Step 4: Plug In Lights

    Plug in directly to your driving lights/Light Bar

  • Vehicle Specific Headlight Adaptors Available

    Range of specific headlight adaptors for modern headlights. These adaptors utilise the factory headlight socket for a plug n play intergration. 
    -Ford Ranger, VW Amarok, NP300 and many more! 



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