Fast Fit Wiring Harness - Guide

Fast Fit Wiring Harness - Guide

ADR Compliance

For a stress free, direct install, our Fast Fit Wiring Harnesses are fully assembled and configured in line with ADR (Australian Design Rules) Compliance. This means the Driving lights will require a high beam signal to turn them on, which will in turn allow control of the driving lights from the high beam stalk. In addition, a isolation switch is included to disconnect power from the driving lights, so that just the high beam lights on the vehicle can be powered without turning on the driving lights. 

Dual Fast Fit Wiring Harness Features

  • Relay - 40A / 12V DC
  • Battery Terminals - 450mm Cabling From Relay 
  • Inline 30A Fuse - Between Battery Terminal and Relay
  • 2 x Deutsch Output - 2.5m Cabling From Relay 
  • High Beam Connector - 1.3m Cabling From Relay 
  • Isolation Switch - 3.5m From Relay 
  • H4 and HB3 High Beam Piggy Back Adapters

Halogen Adapters 

For vehicles equipped with Halogen globes, we have included 2 adapters for the most common halogen globes, the HB3 and H4. To obtain the high beam signal, simply unplug the factory power cable at the back of the globe and connect the factory female plug to the male adapter plug and the female adapter plug to the globe. 
If your vehicle has a Halogen globe different to the HB3 and H4 variant, you will find other suitable Halogen adapters here. 

Vehicle specific Adapters 

With innovation of Bi Led and HID factory headlights on later model vehicles, obtaining a high beam signal is a different process than that of the Halogen model vehicles. For a direct plug and play installation we have a range of vehicle-specific high beam adapters that piggy back off the main factory plug to the headlight. Find your suitable Vehicle Specific Adapter here. 


Watch the full video below!

Steph shows how to setup our Fast Fit light bar/spot light harness.