Leaders of the Pack: Which LED Spotlight Reigns Supreme?

Leaders of the Pack: Which LED Spotlight Reigns Supreme?

In the world of off-road lighting, the traditional division between flood and spotlights has shaped our expectations. However, advancements in lighting technology have blurred these lines, allowing for versatile solutions that challenge conventional notions.

While metrics like lumens and lux distances have been used to gauge spotlight performance, they only provide a partial understanding. Modern spotlights often deliver ample power but suffer from suboptimal beam patterns, resulting in limited visibility and distractions. This is where the Infinite 8.5 comes into play, offering market-leading flood capabilities. Yet, its intense central hot spot can be a double-edged sword, depending on the situation.

In our eye-opening comparison video, we underscore the importance of optimizing beam patterns, particularly in challenging environments like the Peninsula of Victoria. Surprisingly, the lower-performing Rogues offer better viewable distance to the driver, despite not projecting light as far. This is because the Rogues have been finely tuned to minimize feedback in fog-less conditions, maximizing their impact.

But here's the game-changing twist: the Horizon flood covers. By simply attaching these covers to the Infinites, the beam pattern undergoes a transformative shift. The central hot spot widens into a horizontal band, extending the coverage to an impressive 180º. While there is a slight decrease in light transmission, the enhanced readability over a kilometer of driving is worth the trade-off.

Imagine a TV projector that achieves better black levels by projecting intense light adjacent to darker areas. The Horizon flood cover mitigates the central hot spot, amplifying the immediate flood and effectively countering the drawbacks. The result? A seamless beam pattern that reduces eye fatigue and enhances comprehension, whether up close or far away.

In summary, out of the box, the Infinites 8.5 excel in terms of distance. However, this may not always be the ideal scenario. Fit the Horizon flood covers and you have the best all rounding light pattern - to date. 180º of flood with a seamless horizontal band and no circular hot spot with distance over 1km to impress! On the other hand, the Rogue 8.5 may not have the highest on-paper performance, but its seamless beam pattern ensures superior visibility in all conditions—a safer bet when it comes to illumination that you can rely on.

Stedi Vs Supernova Lighting

With dozens of options on the market we have often been asked to compare Stedi Type X Pro against our flagship Infinite 8.5. In this video you will see two significant differences.

  • A noticeably stronger centre peak lux for further distances - great for high speed applications and/or long braking situations.
  • A noticeably wider flood pattern when the Horizon Flood cover is equipped.