Mk6 LED Tail Lights Installation

Mk6 LED Tail Lights Installation

How to install Supernova Mk6 LED Tail Lights

Tools needed

  • 8MM Socket/spanner (socket easier)

Items in box

  • 4pcs LED tail lights, with wiring converter pre installed
  • 4pcs Canbus Decoder with 3M adhesive sticker (black box, white sticker, black wire, white socket)
  • 2pcs Trim panel (for inner tail light edge)

Ensure car is turned off, light switch in OFF position during installation.

Step 1 – Inner Tail Lights

Open trunk, remove plastic trim panel square on side to access rear of tail light. Remove 2pcs 8mm nut, unplug wiring socket, remove stock halogen tail light. Install LED tail light, feed wires through metal body

Step 2 – Inner Tail Lights

Re install 2pcs 8mm nuts, Plug wiring socket into tail light socket. Plug in black canbus decoder and fit to metal body of trunk with included 3M adhesive. The canbus decoder is best mounted onto the metal body of the trunk, behind the plastic. Ensure it is firmly stuck into place to prevent rattling.

Step 3- Outter Tail Lights

Pull back carpet to access rear of outter tail lights. Remove White hand screw, unplug wire socket, remove stock tail light.

Step 4- Outter Tail Lights

Fit LED tail light, ensure wires are guided through to interior of car, and not caught on edges. Plug in main wire socket, fasten white hand screw, plug in black canbus decoder and mount to metal of body (with 3M sticker). Notes: ensure canbus decoder is mounted in a position that will not obstruct the trim carpet when reinstalled. Note: Ensure lower section of tail light lines up with the plastic guides/clips.

Step 5- Inner Tail Light Trim Panel

Complete the installation by installing the trim panels. Left and Right side are stamped on the inside. Line up clips on each side and push on.