VW Golf MK6 Sequential LED Tail Light Install

VW Golf MK6 Sequential LED Tail Light Install

VW Golf Mk6 Sequential LED Tail Light Instruction – Installation

Save on workshop fees by doing it yourself! With only a few basic tools required and a plug n play wiring setup, the installation time mostly consists of running the bridge wire behind the trim panels. The bridge wire provides power for the inner tail light indicator/turn signal light, which is piggy backed off the outer tail light.

This installation guide focuses on routing the bridge wire, installation steps for mounting the tail lights can be followed from this guide https://supernovalighting.com.au/mk6-led-tail-lights-installation/

If in doubt, please consult a professional. In the event of improper installation, Supernova Lighting is not responsible for damages or injury. Improper installation may result in damages, fire, injury or death.

Recommended Tools 

  • 8mm and 9mm Spanner/Socket
  • Torx T20 Screw Driver
  • Soft Plastic Trim Removal Tool
  • Wire feeding tool

Step 1 – Remove Plastic Trim Panel

Remove the two Torx T20 Screws under the boot lid. Pry trim panel off, working around the edges levering a gap to apply removal force by hand. Remove in star pattern configuration to avoid bending clips.

Step 2 – Remove Second Trim Panel

The secondary trim panel surrounding the glass only contains clips without and screws. Pry off directly and remove. Keep an eye on the angle of which the clips are removed, when a gap is made with the trim tool the metal clips may be visible showing which angle minimal force is required.

Step 3 – Interior Trim Removal

  • Remove the overhead rear rectangular centre trim panel. Tip: Peel back the rubber weather seal to expose the edge of the panel, wedging the trim panel tool under the panel apply force and pry it downwards.
  • Remove 2pcs 9mm plastic nut (one on each side of the vehicle). The plastic nut holds the outer C pillar trim panels in place.
  • Pry C pillar trim panel  to make a gap for feeding bridge wire.  C pillar trim piece does not need to be removed. Warning: Air bag module is adjacent to C Pillar trim panel avoid contact and interference.

Step 4 – Route Bridge Wire

Follow the yellow wire road in the photo. Route the bridge wire up the wall of the interior of the vehicle, through the grommet and along the boot lid to the inner tail light. Complete for both left and right tail lights. Detailed Steps

  • Pull back the carpet trim behind the outer tail lights, feed the wire upwards through to the C pillar. Tip: A light source/torch can be used to show holes/gaps to feed the wire upwards.
  • Unclip the rubber grommet, feed bridge wire through interior metal opening, through rubber grommet and into the metal opening on boot lid.


Test all functionality of tail lights once sockets and can bus decoders are connected, before re installing trim panels. Fun Fact: Not installing the bridge wire will provide sequential indicator function for outer tail lights only.